Collecting Coupons for Bulk Barn Bargains

It’s the biggest and the best in Canada for bulk shopping. Family-owned and ever-growing Bulk Barn is known for helping shoppers shop well, but some of us won’t settle for ‘good’ or even ‘better’. We want the ‘BEST’ and what turns better into best? Why, shopping with coupons, of course! The thrift diva in each of us knows the truth: Coupons worth pennies can quickly become dollars. “A penny saved is, [indeed] a penny earned”.

Where to Find Bulk Barn Coupons
There are a number of ways to obtain these coveted coupons. Perhaps the easiest for those with Internet access is via the lovely search engine. Simply type “Bulk Barn Coupon 2016” into the search bar, click and a plethora of coupon resources will pop up to meet your needs. The first five sources likely found on Google:

1) PromoPro Canada
2) RetailMeNot
3) RedFlagDeals of Canada
4) BargainMoose
5) Goodshop

With all these choices plus several more, don’t forget that the best place to get coupons is right from the main source and or, they will gladly offer the latest coupons available. Customers get the added benefit of discovering non-coupon specials as well.

How to Use those Online Coupons
Take note of the fine print. Some sources only offer coupons that have to be printed, but that is quickly becoming old school. Now, most online coupon sources give options and cashiers are educated about the many ways to enter coupons into the final grocery tally:

1) Take a picture. Anything that can be seen on the screen of a modern cell phone may be photographed by clicking the power button at the top and the indented button at the bottom front. Make sure the SKU number is visible and show it to the cashier for scanning or manual input of the numbers beneath.
2) Save the coupon webpage onto your phone screen and pull it up for the cashier.
3) Try using an app that stores coupons for you and as above, just pull up the coupon when you’re ready to show the cashier at check-out.

Bulk Barn storeAnd Speaking of Check-Out…Have you checked out Social Media for Deals?
Yes, there’s not only an app for that, but there’s a Facebook Page for that as well! In fact, there are at least sixteen pages on the Facebook search for Bulk Barn. This chain is very accommodating (Why wouldn’t they be?) in leading customers toward coupons, specials and new offerings. Twitter is sure to give some fresh coupon shout-outs to followers as well.

Then there’s the Old-Fashioned Way to Save…Scour through that junk drawer and pull out those nifty scissors. If they’re a bit rusty, a bit of steel wool will spiff them up in a wink. Oh, yes, some of us really do still clip coupons. In fact, the act in itself can be somewhat therapeutic. For others, it’s a real pain, but the act is performed nonetheless, for the sake of a penny saved and a penny earned and all that lovely jazz.

Join a Coupon Co-op
Yes, there is such a fun thing and it’s very, very simple. Coupon co-ops are among those places where the practice of trade is in vogue. Bring in what you don’t want. Trade for what you do want. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll get lucky and discover a non-expired coupon of your grocery store dreams floating among the pile.

Collecting Coupons for Bulk Barn Bargains

To get the best bang for your buck, shopping bulk is one very wise way to do it. Shopping bulk at the best with coupons in hand? Well, that kind of wisdom has to be somewhere in line with the mind of Solomon. Take a peek at the online and offline sources as described here. You’re sure to find success in your search.